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Welcome to Get Your Visa, your Registered Migration Agent in Perth

Get Your Visa is a migration and education agency. Our services are dedicated to those who wants to migrate to australia or to students who are seeking the right study solution.

Are VISA 457, 187, 186, Working Holiday Visa, 188 only mere figures and abbreviations for you? Our Migration Services cover all the Australian Visas. Our Registered Migration Agent (MARA 1281543), will follow you through all the steps from the application to the approval. Our team of Migration Experts, have successfully helped more than 770 people to obtain the right Australian Visa.

Our Education Services, are dedicated to anyone who wants to apply for any language course, or professional course. Our Education Expert, will help you with the selection of the right course, through one of our schools that are in our network. You can also decide to join your application together with the right Student Visa, that allows you to work and study in australia.

Meet the professional, experienced and qualified team at Get Your Visa and benefit from our migration advice: Valentina Segreto is the experienced Migration Agent behind Get Your Visa and she will assist to find the most suitable solution for the case.

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The Student Visa allows you to attend a whole-term course in Australia. You may decide to study in Australia to further your knowledge or improve your English.

Our advisors along with the Migration Agent will gather your options while offering you the best compromise between your needs and the Australian offer.

Migration Agent | Get Your Visa

According to the selected occupation, criteria for skills assessment and involved authorities vary.

Also, in some case the applicant’s English language level and registration in Australia are required, along with applicant’s qualifications and work experience.

Migration Agent | Get Your Visa

If you are not satisfied with the visa decision you received, Get Your Visa can ask for a review of the refusal, when possible and within the given timeframe.

Not every decision is reviewable and there are independent authorities that are involved in the review process, which varies depending on the case and the visa application.

Migration Agent | Get Your Visa

At Get Your Visa we are aware of the amount of documents we need to gather to submit a visa application and all the migration services required.

This is the reason why Get Your Visa aims to provide its customers in Perth or overseas with an all-inclusive migration service.