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Australian Visa

TSS 482 Visa


The Temporary Skill Shortage Visa (TSS 482) is a temporary work visa that allows skilled workers to stay in Australia and work for their Sponsor Business.

186 Visa


The Visa Subclass 186 is a permanent residence visa for skilled workers. It allows the applicant to work and stay in Australia via two different pathways.

187 Visa


The 187 Visa is a Permanent Residence Visa for skilled workers who want to work in a regional area in Australia. It allows the applicant to work and stay in rural areas.

Skilled Visa


If you are not over 45 years old, you don’t need to get a sponsor to move to Australia. Have you ever heard of the Skilled Visa? Click here to learn more.

Student Visa


The Student Visa allows you to attend a whole-term course in Australia. You may decide to study a professional course in Australia or to improve your English.

Family Visa


There are multiple visa options for parents, partners and families who wish to join their Australian-citizen, permanent-residents or eligible New Zealand-citizens’ relatives.

Business Visa


If you dream of expanding your activity in the Austral Hemisphere, you should probably consider all the options the Department of Immigration offers.

Visa Refused


While the hope is that every application is successful, whether lodged from you or an agent, an application may be refused by the Department.

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