Visa Refused or Cancelled

While the hope is that every application whether lodged from you or an agent is successful, an application may be refused and the Department of Immigration and Border Protection does allow for a decision to be reviewed provided you lodged the application onshore.

If you are not satisfied with the visa decision you received, Get Your Visa can ask for a review of the refusal, when possible and within the given timeframe. Not every decision is reviewable and there are independent authorities that are involved in the review process, which varies depending on the case and the visa application.

Get Your Visa can deal with the procedure to revise your visa application with both authorities. Before requesting a review process, we do examine your application again in order to understand the involved authority’s decision and provide it with the additional documents to enhance your application.

A visa refusal can come from a number of factors that will be assessed before proceeding with your review. A decision regarding whether to lodge or not a review of the case will be taken together evaluating the whole scenario, including seeing if other options are viable.

It is our concern, as a registered Migration Agency with years of experience, to provide you with the most suitable solution in order to get your visa approved.

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  • I don’t know what to say. I am literally without words! I thank you so much for all the support and help during these two years (I do know how stressful and demanding was to do my employer’s application) and thanks for having always answered quickly to my millions of questions! Thanks heaps!

    Laura D.
    Laura D. Gardener – 187 Permanent Visa
  • Thanks heaps! I was not expecting to have the visa approved in 10 days. That’s great. I would not have obtained this result without you.

    Manuel D.G.
    Manuel D.G. Welder - 457 Temporary Visa
  • Thanks for the job you did. So a great news! I was really not expecting to have the approval yesterday when you called me!!! Thanks again for the outstanding job you did for us!

    Benedicte e Remi
    Benedicte e Remi Hotel Manager –187 Visa
  • Thanks Vale and thanks again for all the job you did to the whole team. You were mostly helpful and the job you have done to make this happens is amazing. Five stars service!

    Matteo B.
    Matteo B. Project Administrator – 186 Visa
  • Valentina and the team of Get Your Visa has been absolutely fantastic and have guided me from the beginning helping me to chose which visa would best be suited for my circumstances, through the bureaucracy of the visa process with fabulous patience and competence making the whole process hassle free and super smooth. A huge Thank You to have guided and helped me achieving my visa.

    Federico O.
    Federico O. Freelancer
  • That’s great news!!! OMG that’s excellent and incredibly happening. Sooooo EXCITED! A celebration will be in order tonight – thanks so much to Get Your Visa for your help!

    Jackie C.
    Jackie C. Property Manager – 187 Visa

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