At every stop Francesco and I made, we heard from locals and fellow travellers that we should plan to visit the Pinnacles.

When we finally made it there, we realized why it’s one of the most popular attractions in Western Australia. We took a leisurely (and very scenic) drive along Indian Ocean Drive to reach the Pinnacles—an ethereal landscape unlike anything I’ve ever seen. The desert here is a vivid, saffron yellow marked by jagged limestone formations that are tens of thousands of years old! It felt as if we had stepped onto a different planet. Despite feeling that we were in another world, the Pinnacles are quite accessible, either by driving your own vehicle or with a tour group. Roughly three hours away along the coast is the city of Geraldton, which is famous for its coloured pearls. Geraldton offers plenty of opportunities to explore the region’s natural beauty, whether wandering through its national parks or swimming and snorkelling in its brilliant blue waters. But our favourite thing about the city is its rich indigenous culture—the Wadjari community is nearby and visiting the community gave us insights we would have never gotten from a book. It was one of the most memorable experiences of the entire trip!