Road trip around Australia


Francesco and I began our travels through Australia with a road trip through New South Wales, which makes a great jumping-off point if you’re new to the country….

We left the hustle and bustle of Sydney and began our exploration of Tasmania, an island off the southern coast of Australia. Both of us are nature-lovers, and ….

They say that travel (especially road trips) can make or break relationships. I had this in mind when Francesco and I headed out into Victoria in our trusty van…..

Australians regard Melbourne as the country’s cultural capital, and with good reason. From the time that Francesco and I parked the van, we were in love….

For all the incredible scenery in Australia, I think I would have been happy simply driving the Great Ocean Road over and over. It’s hard to beat beautif….

With so many beautiful beaches in Australia, I wouldn’t have thought that any one could stand out above the others. But when Francesco and I travelled….

As we explored Australia’s southwest coast, Francesco and I found one hidden gem after another. There are places that you hear about all the time….

Rottnest Island is easily accessibly by ferry from Perth and is a great choice for a day trip or weekend getaway. Only about 300 people live on the island….

At every stop Francesco and I made, we heard from locals and fellow travellers that we should plan to visit the Pinnacles. When we finally made it there, we….

Australia, as Francesco and I discovered, is full of strangely beautiful sites that seem like something from another world. One of the most striking of these….

Think of a scene that recalls the phrase “tropical paradise,” and chances are you’re imagining a place that looks like Coral Bay. In fact, the entire Coral Co….

Just when I thought we’d seen the best Australia has to offer, Exmouth proved me wrong. The beaches there along the country’s western coast are truly  incre….

One of the things I came to like the most about Francesco is his desire for meaningful travel. We have that in common—we don’t want to only see a few famous….

After a day spent on the farm, Francesco and I decided to balance things out by spending a day playing. We headed to the rain forest, and maybe it was simply becaus….


What can we say about the Whitsunday Islands? With so much natural beauty in Australia, it’s hard to believe that we could still be blown away, but in the Whits…..

Francesco and I set out in the van to explore Australia’s east coast, expecting more incredible natural beauty and plenty of fun. We headed to Bundaberg, which…

We just couldn’t get enough of Queensland. There was so much to see and do and spectacular natural beauty was everywhere. We spent a lot of time on the road, and….

As much as Francesco and I loved to explore the country’s scenic roads and its beaches, sometimes we felt the urge to get lost in the city. In Brisbane, Australia’s…..

If you’re a newcomer to Sydney, like Francesco and I were, the first place you should go is Observatory Hill. It overlooks the Harbour Bridge and is a great….

Canberra is one of the most unique capital cities I’ve ever seen. Most capital cities are sprawling, full of high rises and brutal traffic. But Canberra, which is smaller….

Australia has hundreds of national parks and conservation reserves, and Francesco and I made a valiant effort to see as many of them as we could! One of the most beloved….

Is there a better place in the world for beach-lovers than Australia? Whether you want to swim, surf, snorkel, or simply plop on a beach towel and watch the world go by….

There is arguably no country on Earth more famous for its wildlife than Australia. The country’s animal life is not only incredibly diverse, but much of its wild….

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