What can we say about the Whitsunday Islands?

With so much natural beauty in Australia, it’s hard to believe that we could still be blown away, but in the Whitsundays, we were. There are 74 islands, most of which are uninhabited, that are protected by the Great Barrier Reef. This makes the waters of the Whitsundays unusually calm and great for sailing, snorkelling, and swimming. Hamilton Island is the largest and most visited of the inhabited islands, and visitors to the island can choose from several kinds of accommodations, including luxury villas. For all of Hamilton’s popularity, Whitehaven Beach, on the uninhabited Whitsunday Island, is considered by many people to be the most beautiful of the Whitsundays’ beaches, and possibly the most beautiful anywhere. The beach is made up largely of silica, making the sand as soft and white as baby powder. Getting to Whitehaven requires a trip by boat, helicopter, or seaplane, but take it from Francesco and me: it’s worth the effort. There’s a reason that Whitehaven Beach regularly appears on lists of the world’s most beautiful beaches!