Australia has hundreds of national parks and conservation reserves, and Francesco and I made a valiant effort to see as many of them as we could!

One of the most beloved parks in Victoria is Wilsons Promontory National Park, or “the Prom,” as it’s known in Australia. No matter what part of the park you explore, you’re certain to find awesome views—there’s no other kind to be had here! You can hike up Mount Oberon, which will reward you with incredible views of a large expanse of the park. If you prefer to stay on the ground, the Prom has numerous beaches. Our favourites were Squeaky Beach, so named because of the way the sand squeaks under your feet, and Darby Beach, an isolated stretch of sand that we had entirely to ourselves! It’s a beautiful beach and after sharing many of Australia’s beaches with lots of other tourists, having one to ourselves was a nice change. There are cabins and huts available at the Prom and visitors can camp as well, but you may find it difficult to leave. Francesco and I wanted to stay, but we still had miles to go!