Think of a scene that recalls the phrase “tropical paradise,” and chances are you’re imagining a place that looks like Coral Bay.

In fact, the entire Coral Coast is one beautiful place after another. Kalbarri National Park is a wonder, and its Skywalk is a great way to take in the area’s natural beauty, including numerous interesting sandstone formations. The seaside town of Carnarvon is one of our favourite discoveries in Australia. It’s full of cute cafes and bakeries and has great markets that are open on the weekend. One of my favourite walks in Australia was along the Mangrove Board Walk in Carnarvon, and as an added plus, it’s constructed of recycled plastics! Shark Bay has some of the prettiest and most pristine beaches we’ve ever seen. And don’t let the name scare you away; you’re much more likely to see dolphins there than sharks! When we’d walked and explored until we were exhausted, Francesco and I went to Shell Beach, a beautiful white beach made entirely of tiny white shells and where the water has a high salt content, making it great for floating. Watching the sunset over Shell Beach as we floated effortlessly is one of my favourite memories of Australia.