University Courses – Graduate and Post-Graduate

All the following courses are available Australia Wide.

Agriculture and sustainability


The agriculture, environment and sustainability courses examine how we interact with, manage, and protect our living world. You will learn through theoretical and practical experiences.

Architecture and construction


Can you see the detail and beauty in structures and buildings, both inside and out? Our architecture and construction courses are about creating quality environments in which people live.

Arts and creative industries


If you’re a creative person who wants to find an individual voice to make your mark on the world, our courses can help develop your skills and teach you to apply them in the working world.

Business, management and law


Launch your career with a business, management or law degree. Our courses are practical and applied, and benefit from direct input from industry leaders.

Culture, society and indigenous


If you’re interested in culture, communication, languages or social sciences, these courses can give you knowledge and skills applicable to many areas of the working world.



Are you passionate about helping others and making tomorrow better? Teachers have the power to inspire others and help them to fulfill their potential by passing on knowledge.

Engineering and mining


Develop your problem-solving skills and learn to design, construct and test machines, systems, structures, materials and processes. As an international student, you’ll have access to outstanding, purpose-built facilities.



The health degrees will give you plenty of hands-on experience in fieldwork placements, through research centers, groups, and in clinics. You will learn through theoretical and practical experiences.

Information technology


Learn how to program computers, administer networks and create design software and multimedia, study computer games, and learn how to develop them, or use artificial intelligence in real-life situations.

Physical science and mathematics


Do you enjoy problem solving, critical analysis and scientific discovery? Science and mathematics are at the heart of new discoveries, inventions and technology.