There is arguably no country on Earth more famous for its wildlife than Australia.

The country’s animal life is not only incredibly diverse, but much of its wildlife is found nowhere else on Earth. Both Francesco and I love animals and one of the things that most excited us about this trip was the opportunity to see its wildlife up close. It’s one thing to see a kangaroo in a zoo back home, but to see them in the wild, just living their lives, is incredible. But Australia is so much more than kangaroos. This trip gave us the chance to see wombats, bandicoots (how could you not love something called a bandicoot?), and blissed-out koalas. The marine life alone is remarkable! Seals, dolphins, whales, and all manner of rainbow-hued tropical fish can be found in Australia’s waters, and no matter how many beaches we visited, we were always amazed by the diversity of life underwater. But Australia’s diverse animal life isn’t limited to land and water. Its bird life is equally impressive, with cockatoos, lorikeets, and the “dancing” riflebirds.