Introduction of a new legislative instrument 

We are glad to announce that the Department of Home Affair alongside with the Australian Government has decided to offer the possibility to some 482 and 457 visa holders in the short term list, to apply for Permanent Residency. 
The decision comes after a careful evaluation of the workforce in Australia during the Covid lockdown period. The intent of the DOHA and the Australian Government  is to place value on foreign – temporary visa holders who remained working for the Australian economy when they needed them the most. 
This major change was announced back  in November 2021 but nothing had happened over these past months. Now this new legislative instrument have made everything concrete. 
Let’s take a look to the details

|Details of the Legislative instrument 

The changes introduced by the legislative instrument will apply to two categories of temporary visa holder: 
457 visa holders – visa must have been granted or applied for before 18.04.2017
482 visa holders with a sponsor in the short skilled list 
There are some condition to have to be eligible to apply for Permanent Residency pathway:
– The Applicants must hold a visa subclass 482 or 457 
Applicants must have been in Australia for at least 12 months between 1st February 2020 and 14th December 2021
– The Applicants must have worked a certain period of time for their sponsor before applying for the Permanent Residency. In particular for 457 visa holders, applicants will have to work 2 years out of 3 while for 482 visa holder will have to keep working for their sponsor for 3 years out of 4. 
Applicants must be still employed 
These changes will be active from 1st July 2022

|Permanent Residency pathway

The eligible applicants will be able to apply for the Permanent Residency through the following Employer – sponsored programs:
Subclass 186 visa – employer nomination scheme  
Subclass 187 visa –  regional sponsored migration scheme 
Both these visa are Permanent Residency for skilled applicants.
It will be possible to apply for Permanent Residency ONLY under the Temporary Residence Transition stream (TRT).
In other words, workers must have a suitable sponsor for their Permanent visa application. 
Finally this is a great news for all the eligible Cooks, Restaurant Manager, Cafè manager who stayed in Australia to help the economy through one of the toughest time in the history. 

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