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New Migration Strategy from 1st July 2024

Starting July 1, 2024, significant changes are coming to Australia’s migration policies. These adjustments aim to enhance the integrity of the migration system, improve conditions for temporary skilled migrants, and address long-standing issues. Here’s a detailed overview of the key changes and their implications.


|1. Increase in Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold (TSMIT)

One major change is the increase in the Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold (TSMIT) from $70,000 to $73,150. This adjustment, based on annual indexation, marks the second increase under the current government. Previously, the threshold was frozen for a decade at $53,900. The higher threshold ensures temporary skilled migrants receive fair compensation, reflecting the cost of living in Australia, and helps prevent underpayment and exploitation.


|2. Changes to Temporary Graduate Visas

The duration of Temporary Graduate Visas will be shortened, and the age eligibility criteria will be reduced. These changes streamline the pathway from study to work and ensure the visa system remains relevant to current job market conditions. By shortening the visa duration and reducing age eligibility, the government balances the influx of new graduates with the demand for skilled labor.

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|3. Ending ‘Visa Hopping’

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To prevent indefinite extensions of temporary visas, the government is closing loopholes that allow students and other temporary visa holders to continuously extend their stay in Australia, a practice known as ‘visa hopping.’ This change encourages temporary visa holders to transition to more permanent and appropriate visa pathways if they wish to stay long-term.

From 1st July 2024 Visitor Visa and Temporary Graduate Visa will no longer be able to apply for a student visa while onshore. 


|4. Enhanced Mobility for Temporary Skilled Migrants

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Temporary skilled migrants will now have more flexibility. The period they can remain in Australia between employer sponsors will extend from 60 days to 180 days. This change reduces exploitation and drives productivity by providing more time to find new employment if their current job ends. It offers greater job security and flexibility for temporary skilled workers.


|5. Strengthening Employer Compliance

The Strengthening Employer Compliance Bill 2023 introduces new criminal measures against employers who exploit migrants. This bill is crucial for safeguarding the rights of migrant workers and ensuring fair labor practices. These measures hold employers accountable and deter exploitative behaviors, creating a more equitable work environment.


|6. Workplace Justice Visa Pilot

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The Workplace Justice Visa Pilot will enable temporary visa holders to remain in Australia for a short period while pursuing workplace justice. This pilot protects temporary visa holders who are exploited or mistreated by providing a legal avenue to address workplace issues without fearing immediate deportation. This initiative underscores the government’s commitment to upholding justice and fairness in the workplace.


|7. Increase in Student Visa Fee

The student visa fee will increase significantly from AUD 710 to AUD 1,600. This adjustment reflects the higher administrative costs associated with processing student visas and aims to ensure the visa system is financially sustainable. While the fee increase may be challenging for some students, it enhances the quality and efficiency of visa processing.



The changes effective from July 1, 2024, represent a comprehensive update to Australia’s migration policies. These reforms address key issues such as fair compensation, visa system integrity, and migrant worker protections.



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