The prospect for Australia of re-opening the international borders is still far away, but we can certainly start to dream about when this will be finally possible.

In this regards we would like to highlight some aspect of what you need to do first few days after you will be finally landed down under!

Here’s our list of:

First things you need to do once arrived to Australia


| 1. Sim Card 

Get yourself an Australian sim card: this you will be able to do directly at the airport.

Optus – Telstra – Belong – Vodafone – Amaysim, these are the most famous sim card, depending on the State one will have more reception over the other.

Normally the budget is $30 per month for min 5 Gigs depending on the plan you choose.


| 2. Public Transport pass

All the Australian cities have their own different system for passes for public transport:

Melbourne has Myki Card

Sydney has Opal

Perth has Smart rider

Brisbane has the Go Card

Adelaide has the Metrocard

Hobart has the Greencard

Canberra has the Myway card

Darwin has the Get on Get Connected

It will save you money and time if you buy one of these and recharge it once in a month.


| 3. Apply for a TFN

Tax file number is the number that will identify you as a worker – Australian workers pay tax to the Government on their income and to receive an income you need a Tax file number . The money collected from Taxes is used to fund Government programs and services like roads, schools and hospitals. Tax File Number is unique and will be with you forever.

Simply visit the ATO (Australian Taxation office ) website or phone ATO or visit any ATO office to apply for your Tax File Number.

You will only need your visa grant letter and your passport, it won’t take more than 20 minutes. Tax File Number letter will be posted to your mailing address.


| 4. Open a bank account 

Opening an Australian bank account is very important if you would like to live and work in Australia.

Make sure you provide the bank with your Tax File Number so that you will avoid higher rates of taxation.


| 5. Enroll with Medicare  

Some of overseas Countries hold a reciprocal health agreement with Australia. Medicare is Australia’s national health care system.

If you are eligible for Medicare you have immediate access to health care services and programs.

Click on the link to know more:

Only things you need to have to fill out the Medicare application form are your passport and your visa. Your Medicare will be posted within 3 weeks.


| 6. RSA Certificate 

It is no secret that 90% of people that move to Australia regardless what they future plans are, will be more like to find easily the first in Hospitality.

To be able to be employed you must hold a RSA certificate: Responsible service of Alcohol.

The test could be taken online or at a certified center for RSA test.


| 7. Driving License

Holding an Australian Driving License will spare you to bring your passport along with you every time you live your home.

It is considered an effective ID plus it will count as ID documents towards the future application you may be doing during your staying in Australia (Lease – police check – etc)

Applying is very simple, just visit the Department of Transport office and they will how you all the steps. The Driving license comes with a fee.


We can’t wait to have you all back here when the borders will be back to normal!

To know more about your strategy to come to Australia once the borders are back to normal get in touch with Get Your Visa on (08) 6117 4152 and we will assess your circumstances, qualifications and experience to design the best option for you and your future!

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