Australia is an English-speaking Country and there is no need to say that people that are willing to travel to Australia and eventually try a better life down under they need to speak English or at least be willing to study it.

Most of the people that come to Australia for an holiday or for a working and holiday experience, they come not just to explore this amazing Country but also to learn a bit of English. This is just a funny learning most of the times.

Different thing is when people would like to move to Australia looking for a better lifestyle and future and they need to prove their English proficiency because it is a requirement of the Department of Home Affair when apply for the visa.

Depending on the visa a person would like to apply for – English language ability can be proved in different ways:

  • Having studied for at least 5 years in one or more of the following countries: Australia, UK, Canada, New Zealand, USA, South Africa, or the Republic of Ireland
  • Passing an approved test of English language ability


| Which English test are accepted by the DOHA (Department of Home Affair)?

  • PTE Academic
  • OET


Most of these tests are composed by 4 components: reading, speaking, listening, and writing in which the candidate as to satisfy a certain score to be successful.

The most famous is certainly the IELTS test which is based on a 9-band scoring system. PTE Academic is also becoming very popular and there has been a recent review on the scores

The costs of each test is around AU $350

One of the questions we have been asked the most is: can I skip the English test somehow and apply for the visa without a certificate?

The answer is definitely NO!

There is no way that the application for a visa can be granted without a certificate that assesses the English level.  
Obviously there are certain visas (just a few though!) that do not require an English level to be approved. If you fall in the category that does require English, then act now


The education industry in Australia is still very strong and people can rely on the many educations providers to study and learn English at first – depending on your entry level, you can start with studying general English – to move to study IELTS PREPARATION which will be more specific towards the tricks to be successful at the exam.

Get Your Visa has a department that helps clients to find the appropriate course from English to a professional course: Get Your Study!

Studying English can be quite challenging both for the energy and the money invested in the course. This is why it is always better to consult with an Education Agent that will be able to guide the person towards the most suitable course.

The range of fees for a general English course and IELTS preparation course may vary between Australian Cities but generally it goes from as low as $125 per week up to $450 a week.


To know more about English courses in Australia or book an appointment with one of our Education Agents get in touch with Get Your Visa on (08) 6117 4152 and we will assess your circumstances, qualifications and experience to design the best option for you and your future!

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