Looking with eyes full of hopes towards the re-opening of the borders, many people are already planning their moving to Australia for next year.

Based on what factor you choose one Australian City over the other? What are the differences between the two coasts?

With this article we would like to give you some insights of the Australian life, the differences that exists between East coast and West coast so that we can help you to reach a decision.

Like the United States, Australia has two coasts offering two very different experiences. Generally speaking you find more social life and European influences on the East Coast (Sydney – Melbourne), while the West Coast (Perth) is much more spread out and the landscape is much more wild, rural and untouched suited for those who are looking for tranquillity, adventure into the wild and a more family oriented environment.  


| Let’s have a look at the map first

Perth is located on the opposite side of Sydney and Melbourne and it is well known to be the most isolated city in the world with 4 or 5 hours flight to reach the two biggest cities over East.

Moreover Western Australia does not observe daily light savings time: this means that Perth is two or three hours behind Melbourne or Sydney time- but it is closer to Europe 🙂

As you could already tell Australia is huge, you can actually fit the whole Europe in it, so if you are thinking of Australia has one Country that has the same climate, seasons, time and panorama you better keeping read this.

Western Australia overlooks the Indian Ocean (same ocean as the Maldives islands), it is very famous for the amazing beaches with their unique characteristics: from the green of the forest of Margaret River to the dry and rough red rocks of Broome, the whitest sand and the particular saffron limestones.

Western Australia is also well known to be one of the most sunniest states, so it will be perfect if you are a beach lover!

On the other hand, East coast weather vary a lot: from the tropical climate of Queensland to the crazy so called ” four seasons in a day” climate of Victoria.

Yes you have read right, four seasons in a day. Melbourne is famous for its rough and (very) quick temperature and weather condition changes. You can wake up in the morning to nice and quite 23 degrees in a spring day and after two hours it starts raining waterfalls with thunders and 5 degrees to change back again after some time to 40 degrees in the shadow. How bizarre! 

Melbourne is definitely not boring at all!


| Lifestyle differences

Sydney and Melbourne with their multicultural approach and European influence, offer many ideas for your weekly activities.

They are vibrant cities, never sleeping, fun and energetic. Shows are rolling every day and night – people enjoy night life – good food – new experiences for all ages and kind.

However, if you are looking to settle down and enjoy a more family oriented life style, Perth is the best choice.

There is plenty to do in Western Australia, but the type of the experience offered on the West Coast is more focus on family time, excursion into the desert, camping, relaxing at the sunset (Western Australia has THE BEST sunsets), farmers market shopping and supporting local economy.

Are you single looking for funny parties and mates? Get your backpack ready to flight to the East Coast.


| Cost of living 

If you are still not convinced on your choice, maybe the cost of the life will help.

Lets get it straight: Sydney is probably the most expensive city of Australia, from rents to dining out. While living in the city could cost you $$$$ it is also true that with all the connections offered by the public transport, you can easily find an apartment outside the city and save money. (Think of sharing houses as well!!)

On the West coast rents are not as that crazy,  but you would like to consider to buy a car to move faster and within a wider range because living in the city can be expensive.


| Finding a job


Coming form abroad we can imagine that you could run out of savings pretty quick, so it is better to find a job (depending on your visa). Most of the people come here and find a job in Hospitality. East coast has lot more opportunities considering the much bigger offer of the market, but it is also true that Perth is expanding fast, creating new job opportunities especially in the mining field. Over all we recommend to get your resume in a nice shape and engage in as many different interviews and trials as you can find to decide the best option for you.


To conclude, we hope to have given you some good suggestions from your incoming trip. We are all hoping that international travels will resume soon and be able to make some memories travelling the world again.


To know more about your future strategy to move to Australia get in touch with Get Your Visa on (08) 6117 4152 or through our website and we will assess your circumstances, qualifications and experience to design the best option for you and your future!

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