72000 people less compared to previous years

This is the amount of people Australia Immigration will be missing next year on Immigration records. 
Covid-19 has hardly impacted the economy all over the world. We all know how important is the Immigration for Australia’s economy, it is vital  but unfortunately with the border closures on the 20 March 2020 Australia is registering the first negative year after the Second World War. 
The forecast is that Australia Immigration won’t be back to normality before at least 4 years. 
Let’s have a look of the impact of the Border closure:


| International Students

Australian University declares that international Students make up 30-40% of the total revenue.
The sector will lose around $16 billion by 2023 with over 300.000 fewer international students by July 2021 if travel restrictions remain in place. 
Enrollment from China has been the most affected. 


| Farm work 

Working holiday Makers are vital to support the labor market in certain industries, horticulture and agriculture for example. 
The reality now with lower numbers of  people coming to Australia with Working Holiday Visa is that farmers are really desperate to attract workers.
There have been several attempts to get Australian Citizens to work in these specific fields but being particularly hard work, Australians have never found it appealing for many reasons.


| Taxes

Fewer immigrants means also, less people paying taxes – most of the people that migrate to Australia are here to work and contribute to the local economy. If this stops or the number becomes very low this will impact negatively for the next 4 years, the experts say.


The economic challenges we are facing are a strong incentive for the Government to find creative solutions to bring immigrants back to Australia as quickly as possible even before a potential vaccine is found.
Australian Government is working hard alongside the Department of Home Affair (DOHA) to make sure Australia can be back to normal numbers considering that it will be facing a loss of 213.7 billions of dollars, the biggest in Australia history.
The federal budget last October has clarify the strategy to attract people following the principle of the 3 Ps:
– Population 
– Participation 
– Productivity
The program adopted is called Global talent, that focuses on attracting the most brilliant and talented Migrants with a triplication of applications available. 
There will be also an increase in family visa application and priority will be given also to investment visa and regional visa.


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