What does DAMA mean? 

DAMA stands for Designated Areas Migration Agreements. It offers great opportunity for some people willing to move to remote or semi – remote areas of Australia. 
In other words, the program enable approved employers to sponsor overseas workers. This comes as result that they couldn’t find Australian citizen or Permanent Resident workers to fill the positions. 

Why the DAMA is different from the others skilled lists?

Firstly within DAMA list there are occupations that are not considered high skilled, for example,  waiter.
Secondly there are few concession certainly making the agreement undoubtedly very attractive. On the other hand not available within the State Skilled List.
At the moment there are 12 active DAMA (the program lasts 5 years)

|Areas included in the Far North Queensland DAMA

Postcodes included are:









To clarify a small number of occupations are excluded from postcodes:




4878 (Cairns metropolitan area)


|Occupations available for Far North Queensland DAMA 

There are several occupations within the FNQ DAMA list. Find them here


|Concession available for Far North Queensland DAMA

The concession depending on the occupation and areas are: 
– English level 
– Maximum Age
– Minimum Salary 
For instance,  for some occupations the maximum age to apply for Permanent Residency is 55 yo. On the other hand, in the State skilled list the maximum age is 45yo.

That is to say, there are few concession depending on the job. Find more details here


|Visa available with DAMA

The Visas subclasses available for this agreement are:

  • Temporary Skill Shortage visa ( sub 482)
  • Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional Visa (sub 494)
  • Employer Nomination Scheme (Sub 186)

Individual Workers cannot apply independently, therefore the applicant needs to be sponsored by an approved employer.


In conclusion, DAMA could be a great way to explore rural areas of Australia, work and above all, have a chance to apply for the Permanent Residency through the concessions available.  




If you would like to find out if you are eligible for FNQ DAMA or any other DAMA,  book a consultation with one of our agents. Just call us on (08) 6117 4152 or write us at [email protected] or click on this following like to book your appointment https://www.getyourvisa.com.au/book-a-consultation/ . We will assess your circumstances, qualifications and experience to design the best option for you and your future!

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