With the 189 visa becoming more and more competitive and less and less invitations being issued, it is increasingly more difficult to migrate to Australian under the skilled migrant program. Many people have become disheartened by the system over recent years.

This being said, many hopeful potential migrants are now turning to state nomination, which is the 190 visa program, for a chance to live and work in Australia permanently.

In 2017, many states started to restrict the amount of applicants they would issue invitations to by making the criteria stricter. Western Australia changed its 190 visa to only include health professionals. Australian Capital Territory, Northern Territory and Tasmania have put rigid requirements of either residency in the State or employment before an applicant would be eligible. And, Victoria has closed all 190 visa and 489 visa applications until further notice. This left very few options for potential applicants.

New South Wales 190 visa update

New South Wales was the go to state that would accept applications from applicants with no further criteria except what was needed to be eligible for the Department of Home Affairs 190 visa with at least 55 points (as the State would award 5 points for the nomination). Many of our clients who would not have had a chance of getting a 189 visa this year have been delighted to instead be going to New South Wales to start a new adventure after receiving invitations from New South Wales.

Now, we have seen that come to an end on June 13 2018. Hopefully, there will only be a very short period until New South Wales reopens its 190 program to permanent residency through state nomination as we have seen it become increasingly difficult for anyone wanting to migrate to Australia in the past few years. It appears from the NSW notice (https://www.industry.nsw.gov.au/live-and-work-in-nsw/visas-and-immigration/skilled-nominated-migration-190) that their 190 program will reopen on 1 July 2018.

We would like to say, do not give up hope; where there is a will, there is a way and you just may not have found the best option for you, yet. We could help you with your entire permanent residency pathway tailored to your particular circumstances.

If you need help with your migration pathway and are not sure where to go and want to find out what your options are, come and see our Migration Agent at Get Your Visa where we will be happy to help with visa options, appeals and all other services in relation to migration in Australia.

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